If you would like to see your company’s logo, your brand or products appear in the Black Maroon Adventures series, please contact us. The benefits of product placement are pretty clear. When you put a product in a movie or TV series, you’re getting an almost 100 % viewing audience.

Elevate your brand. Put information in front of our receptive audience to encourage engagement, sharing and the consideration of your brand. Our series will be distributed in North America, South America, Latin America, some countries in Europe and Africa.

All businesses differ from each other. As a result, they all require exclusive services, practices, and solutions to precisely meet their requirements. Gaining a competitive edge is crucial for businesses today because there have been similar types. Everyone is marketing its products and services online. Being different has become more complex. Boman Studios work to achieve a wide variety of goals for advertisers, from brand awareness to consideration, conversion, and retention. Email us today to inquire about purchasing our digital advertising or custom solutions.

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For Questions on Boman Studios Partnerships

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