Amerikano / The Super Villain

Mr Joe Papito is a mafioso-entrepreneur who built his empire from scratch. Today, Mr Papito is a respected billionaire in the world of organized crime. Raised on the streets of New York City and rubbing shoulders with the worst crooks in the criminal world, Mr Papito is a visionary like no other. He does business on every continent of the world.

His name inspires fear in everyone who works for him. Some know him as Joe Papito, the Boss, Maestro, Governor, and Grand Boss. However, no one knows his true identity. He is a legend.

Mr Joe Papito created a gold coin used as a bargaining chip in business or as an entry pass in businesses controlled by people in criminal organizations.

On the coin – on the front side – you can see a figure of Amerikano, three stars, and the slogan “In Crime We Trust”.  On the stack side, we see the name (Amerikano), two (2) weapons, and two (2) stars in red. The stars represent success, and the color red represents bloodshed. Finally, we can see the mention of “Criminal Word,” which refers to the world in which it evolves.

Joe Papito’s businesses generate more than $10 billion annually. Like the ten fingers of the hand, its revenues come from ten (10) different business sectors.

Whether it’s trafficking in drugs, weapons, counterfeit money, human beings (children, illegal immigration, prostitution, etc.), human organs or protected species, Joe Papito’s criminal organizations take advantage of the very illegality of its trafficking. This allows it to organize scarcity, establish its monopoly through violence or other means in a market removed from the law, while leaving simple underlings to assume the r

Black Maroon
Black Maroon


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