N-Zo / The Genius

N-Zo is a childhood friend of Feddy Rock. After the savage murder of his parents in a botched kidnapping, N-Zo becomes orphaned. Despite a difficult childhood, N-Zo remained upright and mentally strong.

N-Zo and Feddy did not have the same opportunities in life but remained close despite their economic circumstances and the social classes that separated them.

N-Zo is a natural handyman, an enthusiast of electronic gadgets…A genius! Feddy Rock offers a laboratory with unlimited resources to the Genius. N-Zo will become an undisputed ally.

When Feddy Rock has decided to become the Black Maroon, his friend will try to accompany him with his gadgets and serve the best interests of this friend whom he considers extraordinary.

He is a loyal friend and counselor to Feddy Rock, a.k.a Black Maroon.

N-Zo knows and protects the double identity of his friend and employer. However, he does not always agree with Black Maroon’s attitude towards criminals.

Black Maroon


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