Badass Black Superhero

Black Maroon is a fictional character from the Black Maroon Adventures series of animed, and was created by Fedner Cleus. Black Maroon debuted in 2021 as Boman Studios’ first black superhero with his own origin and storyline.

Black Maroon, secret identity Feddy Rock, is a Haitian-born superhero with an intellect and ability that rivals Batman.

Feddy Rock, a 25-year-old young man, student of all things scientific and technologic. After a breakthrough in a developing a revolutionary application, Feddy became a self-made billionaire. An empire created on the foundation of his brilliant mind. Despite his overwhelming success, Feddy remained extremely humble and relished in his generosity to others.

Black Maroon sought these qualities in an individual and chose Feddy after he hindered an attempted robbery at a charity event, demonstrating not only the power of his mind, but equally his physical capabilities that would assist in his mission to serve justice.

The original Black Maroon, a man of vision in 1804, and despite all odds, fighting for a noble cause; the liberation of black people. This historical figure (deemed the father of black people’s freedom) fought body and soul to liberate the Haitian people. Now reincarnated, The Black Maroon returns 221 years after his death, to his disgust he bares witness to a world that remains unjust, corrupt and primal among the inequality of his people.

Behind a mask, Feddy will now embody the Black Maroon; he will attempt to fix this broken world, exposing its criminals on all levels of corruption. He is vengeance. He is justice. He is the Black Maroon.

Black Maroon


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