Franky Banko

Franky Banko is a young Haitian male born November 15th, 1999. He’s been a childhood friend of Feddy’s for as long as he can remember. Their fathers used to work together on farms cultivating fields, and let the children play together in the meantime. They followed each other throughout elementary and high school.

Feddy was studious, shy, and reserved in his younger days, while Franky was easily distracted, loud and extroverted. They branched out after high school, Feddy pursued computer science and robotics, while Franky, due to his low grades, had to settle for studying as a mechanic.

They always kept in contact regardless due to all their time spent as friends. Their bonds were solid as brothers. Being an only child, Franky always saw Feddy as his little brother, even though he was only four months older. When Feddy got his fame and became a billionaire at age 24, Franky moved from job to job from one garage to another as a mechanic.

His father had to stop working due to injuries, and his mother was taking care of him, so they were struggling financially, so Franky had to provide for his family. Feddy offered multiple times to step up to help, but Franky always refused because his pride would not allow him. As a result, he’s unaware of Feddy’s action as the Black Maroon.

Physically Franky is a colossal man, standing 6’5’’, weighting 285 pounds. He considered jobs insecurity due to his imposing size but stayed as a mechanic. He has enormous hands, and when he gives a handshake, you feel like you will get crushed.

He has dark skin and a clean, shaved head, he used to hate facial hair, but to please his new girlfriend Charlotte, he adopted the goatee style.

Black Maroon


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