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Boman Studios is a Canadian independent studio created by Fedner Cleus. When you have children and teenagers and you like superheroes, you create a cartoon to inspire your kids and children around the world! Some stories need to be told. History Matter.


BOMAN STUDIOS a.k.a Boman Animation Studios was founded in the city of Montreal (Canada) in 2021. However, the creative minds behind this studio had already started working on it’s very first superhero The Black Maroon in June 2020. The passion of history and comics can be witinessed within the studios first project: The Black Maroon Adventures. A unique superhero, borrowing aspects of creole culture and creative fiction, resulting in a perfect combination.

Feddy Rock, a 25-year-old young man, student of all things scientific and technologic. After a breakthrough in a developing a revolutionary application, Feddy became a self-made billionaire. An empire created on the foundation of his brilliant mind. His destiny was made apparent during the involvement of hindering an attempted robbery at a charity event, these qualities were key to the selection process of Nèg Mawon (a.k.a the Black Maroon) – whom witnessed not only the power of Feddy Rock mind, but equally his physical capabilities that would assist in his mission to serve justice.

The original Black Maroon, a man of vision in 1804, and despite all odds, fighting for a noble cause; the liberation of black people. This historical figure (deemed the father of black people’s freedom) fought body and soul to liberate the Haitian people. Now reincarnated, The Black Maroon returns 221 years after his death, to his disgust he bares witness to a world that remains unjust, corrupt and primal among the inequality of his people. The apparent failure of the government is also noticeable, the world looks and smells different, but it is a mere mask of deception – tailored by an abundance of greedy silver-tongued beasts; nothing has changed for his people. Behind a mask, Feddy will now embody the Black Maroon; he will attempt to fix this broken world, exposing its criminals on all levels of corruption. He is vengeance. He is justice. He is the Black maroon.


Boman Studios Inc.
Based in Montreal, Canada & Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Founding date

November 4th, 2021


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